Josephine Cannon is a counselling psychologist who has been practicing for over 25 years since graduating from
University of New England Australia with a Master’s
degree. Prior to her private practice, Josephine was the
manager of psychology section in a Federal Government
Department leading a team of psychologists with its main
role in psychometric assessment, functional assessment and the assessment of individual employability.

Josephine understands that traumatic experiences will
compromise a person’s psychological well-being and
adversely impact on every facet of a person’s life.
Josephine’s interest in working with trauma sufferers began
in the early stages of her career in the mid 1990’s. This
interest led her to undertake in depth training in EMDR
therapy. She frequently uses EMDR therapy in her clinical
practice especially with first responders and people presenting with symptoms of complex PTSD. Josephine is also an EMDRAA Accredited
Consultant and a facilitator of EMDR therapy training.

Graham Taylor obtained his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He is an internationally accredited trainer and provides accredited training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), EMDR and Schema Therapy. He also trains in DBT, and mindfulness. He was previously a CEO and Principal Clinical Psychologist at Taylor, McCombe Hof, a group practice of Clinical Psychologists.

Professor Bruce Steven

Dr Bruce A. Stevens (PhD Boston University, 1987) is the Wicking Professor of Ageing and Practical Theology at Charles Sturt University, Canberra, Australia. He founded Canberra Clinical and Forensic Psychology in Canberra with over twenty clinical psychologists. He is an endorsed clinical and forensic
psychologist, who has written ten books for publishers such as Random House,Harper Collins, PsychOz Publications, Australian Academic Press, Wiley-Blackwell and New Harbinger. He has written four books on schema therapy,
including an influential one on couple therapy Schema Therapy with Couples(Wiley, 2015) and most recently Contextual Schema Therapy, with Eckhard Roediger and Rob Brockman, New Harbinger 2018. His latest book is The Storied Self (Fortress Academic, 2018) on narrative gerontology. He is ISST accredited for training in individual and couple therapy.

Dr. Robert N. Brockman (Schema Therapy Training Australia; Australian Catholic University) Experienced teacher and supervisor on clinical psychology masters programs in Sydney since 2010. Practiced clinically in both public (e.g. Hospitals, community mental health) and private health sector positions (private practice) in Sydney. Accredited by the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST) as a schema therapist, supervisor, and trainer.

Holds a fellowship with Australian Catholic University (ACU) for research in psychological approaches to wellbeing. Co-wrote a book on Contextual Schema Therapy, with Dr. Bruce Steven Current research focuses on extending the schema model into novel populations (e.g. GAD, Eating Disorders, HIV Sufferers, Therapists, Psychosis, Asian Populations). Conducts ISST accredited training workshops across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, and is A consultant clinical supervisor for Institute for Mental Health (IMH) Singapore .

Dr John Louis Phillip earned his PhD from the UK in Clinical Psychology where he conducted empirical research on schemas and parenting scales. These findings provided empirical findings for their “Good Enough Parenting” model. He is a registered counsellor and supervisor with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) as well as an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, Supervisor/ Trainer with the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). Schema Therapy links unmet core emotional needs in childhood with relationship problems in adulthood.

Dr Louis and his wife, Karen Louis, have been in full time church ministry service since 1985, and have been based in Asia since 1988. The Louis oversee more than 50 affiliated churches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand — known as the Southeast Asia Region (SEA Region). He also oversees the operations of charity hospitals in Cambodia as well as other projects by HOPE worldwide (Singapore).

Dr Louis and his wife Karen combined their family expertise with Schema Therapy and developed two programmes, “I Choose Us” (ICU) for helping marriages and “Good Enough Parenting” (GEP). They have conducted ICU and GEP workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, India, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Hungary, the UK, the US, the Caribbean, and the Ukraine. Singapore‟s Ministry of Social and Family Development has also listed “Good Enough Parenting” in the FamilyMatters@Community Programme Menu as a programme to be taught in schools and community centres. Dr Louis has also published several of the concepts used in GEP in peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Edward Chan is the principal consultant couple and sex therapist and psychologist at Relate, Centre for Couple Therapy of the International Psychology Centre

He has been conducting couple and sex therapy and assessment for individuals and couples for the past 18 years in Malaysia, Asia and Europe. He received training in Emotion Focused Couple Therapy, Imago Couple Therapy and Voice Dialog Facilitation Couple Therapy and Schema Couple Therapy.


Dr. Chan gained his degree in psychology with Honours from Middlesex University, U.K., his Masters degree at the University of Lancaster, U.K. and his Diploma in Human Sexuality and Doctorate in Psychology from the Intercultural Open University, the Netherlands. He was supervised by Professor Kim Plunkett at the Dept. of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford for his doctoral research.

Professional organizations, memberships and functions

Dr. Chan is the Chief Editor of the International Journal of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry: Theory, Research & Clinical Practice ( Dr. Chan is a practitioner member (level 5, supervisor) and a Fellow of the Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy (MAP) and the Malaysian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association (MCBTA), and a fellow of the World Council of Psychotherapy. He is a board certified Couple and Sex Therapist with the MAP Board of Sex Therapy ( He is a full practitioner member of the Psychotherapy Chapter of the Malsysian Society for Complementary Medicine, MSCM. Dr. Chan was the invited keynote speaker for Asia Pacific Rim International Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference 2013 and the World Psychotherapy Conference 2015 ( and in 2017 in Paris where he presented research on “Why Couples fall in love and then fight”. Dr. Chan was also an invited speaker at the 37th European Psychiatry Conference 2019 in Warsaw where he presented his research on the topic of Couple Schema Chemistry.

At the national level, Dr. Chan was invited by LPPKN (Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara) to speak at the National Family Harmony Workshop. These were a small selection of  international and national couple and sex therapy conferences Dr. Chan was invited to speak on.

Professional and other activities, selected publications:

Dr. Chan received postgraduate certification in Couple, Family and Sex Therapy Aldo Gurgone, licensed clinical psychologist at William Street Relationship Centre, Perth; and Collaborative Therapy by Professor Harlene Anderson, family therapist from the Houston Gavelston Institute, USA.  Dr. Chan has also completed his didatic training in Emotion Focused Couple Therapy accredited by the International Institute of Emotion Focused Couple Therapy.

Dr. Chan has taught in the the Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy accredited professional certification courses in Couple Therapy, Sex Therapy, Family Therapy and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Chan has also authored numerous books and papers, including those published in the academic proceedings and peer reviewed journals of the various international and national conferences he has been invited to speak, including, Current Research & Practices on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Asia, ed., Professor Tian P.S. Oei from the School of Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia; and Love Is Never Enough, Pleasurable Commitment Rules, the critically acclaimed book on couple psychology.

Dr. Tan Huey Jing (Renee) completed her medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland and graduated with a Masters‟ degree in Psychological Medicine from University Malaya. Dr. Tan is an early career Psychiatrist with experience of working in various hospitals in Malaysia and has special interest in psychotherapy focusing on schema therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy. Dr. Tan has published various case reports in local and international journals.